Thursday, December 01, 2005

Review: DirecTV HD DVR HR 10-250

Ed Milbourn has posted a review of the DirecTV HR 10-250 HD DVR. The thing has a massive 250GB hard drive, which will store about 200 hours of standard definition programming. Unfortunately that's only enough for 30 hours of HDTV. Still, that's no less than I can store in "Good" quality on my "80 hour" TiVo.

Like previous DirecTV DVR's, it records the digital satellite data directly to the hard drive, with no decoding/recoding, so quality is excellent. This also means the device doesn't have to spend copious processor time doing Digital/Analog conversion, so performance is top notch.

The bas news is that the software is still buggy. Ed had to return one unit that frequently froze on him. The UI also apparently leaves something to be desired, along with the remote control.

Ed says:

So, would I recommend acquiring this unit? If you have engineering and/or computer expertise plus patients, go for it. It performs very well. To the average HDTV user, I would suggest waiting on the availability of the new DIRECTV unit with NDS service, and hope for a better design.

From HDTV Magazine

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