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Problems with the New DirecTV R15 DVR

USA Today reports that DirecTV is running into some problems with the new R15 DVR released last month. They have already sent out two software updates since the device was rolled out.

"It's important for DirecTV, which is controlled by Rupert Murdoch's News Corp., to get things right: The new DVR — with software from Murdoch's NDS Group — will enable the No. 1 satellite company to offer video on demand and other services that it considers crucial to help it compete with cable.

But sales could stall if consumers still prefer the models it has marketed for years featuring TiVo."

I'd say so. It would indeed suck for DirecTV if it ended up they gave TiVo the boot, but no one likes their new DVR, despite all the hype. Despite their problems, TiVo has the user-friendly software thing down. There's just no other DVR out there I would trust my father to use.

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  • I just got the new DirecTV R15 today, new software and all. Sure enough, it's almost impossible to FF or rewind to a precise position, audio is sometimes distorted on playback, user-friendliness is poor, and the thing actually locked up on me once and I had to unplug it to get it working again. I'm sending it back and demanding a Tivo unit.

    By Anonymous Jack, at 1:26 AM  

  • i have the r15 and it had its problems. seems to work fine now. but now i have another problem. the latest download gave me the 30 second scan but now i don't have a live tv feature. forget calling customer service they don't know anything and don't have an answer

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:13 PM  


    This is how Direct TV deals with major internal problems? Tell the customer, that despite Direct TV not providing the service they promised, that I am going to be expected to pay for cancelling the contract? Great customer relations and I am guessing that this decision will be regretted in the very near future.

    I have found no less than ten websites dedicated specifically to customer disatisfaction with Direct TV. Despite Ms. Bitew's contention that the horrible treatment that I received yesterday was unique, there appears to be hundreds, if not thousands, of people who might disagree with her statement. According to many of those bloggers-they seem to contend that my treatment
    is the norm, not the exception.

    So I will post the communication that I have had with your organization online so that consumers can see firsthand how the top management of Direct TV perceives their responsibility to honor their contractual obligations. I will also be contacting as many consumer protection agencies and legal authorities that I can find to also send copies of these communications. I find it very interesting that despite not one, not two, or even three major errors and hours of wasted time-that Direct TV's expectation is that I be held to a contract that Direct TV did not honor. I am supposed to incur costs related to hiring someone to remove a dish that was applied to my roof by Direct TV and I am to spend more time boxing up their receiver and making more phone calls to a shipper to make arrangements for it's shipment.

    Yes, I can see that Direct TV really valued me as a customer and that they would love to see me subscribe to their services again. Not only was their customer service incompetent and rude and my time wasted- it is I, not Direct TV, than will be literally and figuratively paying the penalty for their incompetence. This response was not expected and I can honestly say that I am stunned. I have never seen or heard of a major company repond in such a manner. Every company that I have contacted with problems in the past has responded by taking responsibility for their staff and will generally work with the consumer to "right the wrong". This really has me shaking my head in disbelief.

    The mystery of how bad yesterday's service was has come full circle. Having now directly communicated with Direct TV's Business Operation Analyst, who began our conversation by telling me "what they couldn't do for me" and how I would be penalized for my early cancellation. Excuse me? Your business treats me like crap and then I am chastised because I will not remain a
    customer? Business loyalty is earned based on performance, not an expection or right on your part because you have a contract. Our contract clearly conveys an expectation that Direct TV will provide a basic, minimum level of service to remedy problems that occur as a result of Direct TV's errors. You clearly did not provide that level yesterday. Did I make an good faith effort tocorrect the problem? Yes, I believe I did in my repeated phone calls but there is a level of ongoing screw ups and outright incompetence that would lead the average person to end the attempts and disengage themselves from that business. Which I did. Now Ms. Bitew has the unmitigated gall to attempt to penalize me for that?

    The Business Operation Analyst at Direct TV apparently does not have the authority to remove charges associated with ending a contract despite clear evidence, which she acknowledges, that personnel in her company made numerous mistakes and in the process, treated a customer very unprofessionally. And apparently this same Business Operation Analyst at Direct TV lacks the authority to phone one of their installers and ask them to swing by my home at their convenience to pick up a receiver and remove a dish. All she apparently has been given the authority to say to me was "We don't do that".

    She was correct in her summation that "you do not do that".

    You do not honor your contractual obligations-but you expect me to honor mine, you do not adequately train your staff, you do not have supervisors that are able or willing to take phone calls, you do not have a customer service department that can provide even the most minimal level of service to their customers, and apparently you do not have anyone at the top of your management team that has even the faintest idea of how to treat consumers ore resolve customer complaints.

    Yesterday now makes perfect sense to me. This is a clear case of management styles tricking down. You directed the Business Operation Analyst at Direct TV "to resolve these issues today". Apparently this is the resolution that she feels is in the best interests of her company, the customer be damned. Never mind that her actions add insult upon injury. I understand you were
    recently appointed Senior VP of Customer Service. It appears to me that you have your work cut out for you. Good're going to need it.

    ----- Original Message -----
    From: "Bitew, Heywot"
    To: "OR"
    Sent: Wednesday, April 11, 2007 2:53 PM
    Subject: RE: DIRECTV Service

    I'm sorry you did not take me up on my offer to keep you as a customer. I have applied two credits of $9.99 on your account for the two months of HD service charge.

    When your account was disconnected we sent out a recovery kit to your address. This is a prepaid package for you to return your receiver. You will need to call FedEx and they will pick up the package from your home. If the receiver is not returned to DIRECTV within 7 days of getting the recovery kit the account will be charged an equipment non return fee.
    The dish is part of the install and is affixed to your home. DIRECTV does not un install equipment. We will not be removing the dish or metal brackets from your property.

    Please be advised that you were in a contractual agreement with DIRECTV to keep services active for two years. The commitment was covered during the sale of your equipment and activation of services. The order confirmation you received in the mail after you placed the order for services also reminds you of your two year programming commitment. Although we regret the inconvenience of your recent customer service experience the commitment on your account still applies. The early termination charge is $287 and will be prorated for the days you had

    Heywood Bitew

    -----Original Message-----
    From: OR
    Sent: Wednesday, April 11, 2007 11:20 AM
    To: Bitew, Heywot
    Cc: Filipiak, Ellen A
    Subject: Re: DIRECTV Service

    Thank you for your Email. I am sorry that my home phone messaging system was full and that I missed your calls.
    Unfortunately, I am unable to accept your offer of returning to Direct TV. I have already entered into a contractual relationship with Dish Network.

    Once again, I would appreciate it if you would have someone from your installation service contact me as to when they will be able to pick up the receiver and remove the dish from my roof. It is still raining a lot here on the coast here in Oregon and I would prefer not to leave the receiver outside if it can be avoided.

    I would also like your assurances that I am not going to have any charges added to my billing beyond the month and a half that I have already had service, which I am more than willing to pay for. I am also hoping that the final bill has been corrected and pro-rated for this month and I can take care of that as soon as possible.

    I appreciate your attention to this matter and I am glad that you are going to review some of the problems that I experienced. It was certainly never my intent to end your service when I made my first call yesterday. I am hopeful that the information that I provided to you from my experience can be used to benefit your company in a positive way.

    ----- Original Message -----
    From: "Bitew, Heywot"
    Sent: Wednesday, April 11, 2007 10:12 AM
    Subject: DIRECTV Service

    Thank you for taking the time to detail your unfortunate customer service experience with DIRECTV. Ms. Fillipak has asked me to personally address your issue. I have tried to call the number you listed with your email but was unable to leave a message as your voice mail box seems to be full at the moment.( My direct number is 310-964-6508.)

    I have gone over your email and the details on your account activity on the day you called 4/10/2007. Please accept my sincere apologies for the numerous transfers, two disconnected calls documented) and your inability to get your issue resolved by the supervisors.

    Looking at your account billing statement I was able to determine the following. The representative you spoke to on the day of install 2/24/2007 did indeed add four months of free HD service on your account. What she did not do was comment the account that this was offered and added and most importantly she did not disconnect the chargeable HD access also on your account. A careful look at your billing statement would have shown that there were two line items for HD service. One was at a zero charge and the second was chargeable at $9.99. It pains me to
    say that the first representative you spoke to when you called yesterday should have been able to recognize this error and merely disconnected the chargeable HD service.
    What was more surprising is that all the other representatives including the supervisor did not take the time to look carefully at the account. Rest assured that everyone you spoke to including the first representative who offered you the discount will be personally spoken to. In addition we are looking into why there were so many transfers and disconnects during your customer service contacts.

    Please believe me when I say that your situation is not the norm, DIRECTV does not want to loose you as a customer. I am asking you to give DIRECTV another chance. We will reinstate your
    services and I would be happy to give you a month of free services for your inconvenience. Please send me an email or call me with your decision.

    Heywot Bitew
    Business Operation Analyst

    I am very sorry for the problems you have had with DirecTV. I will have someone contact you today to resolve the issues.

    Best regards,

    Ellen Filipiak

    SVP Customer Care


    From: OR
    Sent: Wednesday, April 11, 2007 1:51 AM
    To: Filipiak, Ellen A
    Subject: Fw: worst service have ever had

    Ellen Filipiak,

    ----- Original Message -----

    From: OR
    Sent: Tuesday, April 10, 2007 10:41 PM
    Subject: worst service have ever had

    I have just spent the last hour trying to get a simple billing error corrected and I give up. I have cancelled your service. In my 50 years, your company takes the first prize with regard to incompetence, and that says a lot as I have seen quite a few mis-managed companies.

    I originally ordered the Family monthly plan and HD access in March 2007. When the serviceman came out to install-the HD access was not showing up as part of the install. So both the installer and I had to spend time with phone calls back and forth to your installation dept. It was finally cleared up and the person I was speaking to on the phone offered me four months of HD access free for the "hassle".

    But when the bill came-the HD access was being billed to my account. So I made the huge error of attempting to call your customer service to have this simple mistake corrected.

    An extensive amount of time is initially wasted going through numerous voice prompts before finally reaching customer service. I am finally transferred to a man who had a very poor command of the English language. Apparently he was located in India. He had trouble understanding my basic and simple explanations but when he finally was able to get what I was telling him-he proceeded to tell me that he was going to transfer me to the "installation department". Once more I am back in the system listening to canned music, on hold and being transferred to another person.

    A woman comes on the line and I explained the situation all over again. She put me on hold several times and then came back telling me that she saw the error in my billing and then she proceeded to "try and correct the bill". She requests that I "give her a moment to correct it" several times. In the meantime we had a pleasant conversation about the billing process and she tells me that the $100 rebate paperwork I mailed in has not been processed yet but that I could also file for the rebate online. This was the $10 off each month for 10 months, a promotion for new customers. After being asked by her several more times to "hold on, that she almost had the account corrected" she dropped my call.

    I waited 10 minutes for her to call back-which she did not. But while I was waiting for her to call back-I went online and tried to file for the $100 rebate online. I entered my customer service number and was told:

    "You have already received an instant rebate or a special discounted offer for this receiver during this promotion".

    I have never received another instant rebate-I am a brand new customer. The only rebate I received was the four months for Direct Access as a concession for the installation screw up.

    When the woman in installation did not call back, I was forced to once call back in and start all over....through the various phone prompts...being transferred to India..transferred once again to the installations department and once again explaining myself to another woman. She told me that her name was Holly and that she was located in Idaho.

    I was more than a little frustrated at this point. So I told Holly the entire story all over again and I also told her that I was unable to file for the $100 rebate online. She told me "we're not offering the four months free anymore". I told her that the four months of free HD access was due to a concession because of an installation screw up-not a promotion offer. She looked at my account and proceeded to tell me that the prior person "did not fix the HD Access errors in billing". I asked if she could transfer me back to the person that I was originally dealing with in the installation department but was told "that it was impossible" and that I had to explain myself all over again with her. More wasted time.

    At that point I asked to speak with her supervisor, as the time I had spent on the phone to Direct TV was nearing a half hour and I felt like I was spinning in circles. Holly put me on hold, came back after a couple minutes and told me that she was transferring me to her supervisor. But she proceeded to transfer me, without my knowledge, to an entirely different department in another state and NOT her supervisor.

    After 5-10 minutes on being on hold again, "Tina" came on the line and told me that her division was in Georgia. She asked me why I was calling Direct TV and wanted me to once again explain the entire issue from the start.

    I asked her if she was a supervisor. She told me that "no, she was a resolution specialist" . I proceeded to tell her that at this point I wanted to speak with a supervisor. She proceeded to argue with me telling me that "she had the same training as a supervisor". I told her that her level of training was not the issue-I had asked to speak with a supervisor and was told I was being switched to a supervisor and that I wanted to speak with supervisor and only a supervisor at that point.

    I was placed back on hold again for several minutes. Tina finally came back on the line and told me that her supervisor "Jason", who is supposedly the head of the Resolution Department in Georgia, was refusing to speak with me and that he would call me back in "24 to 48 hours". I offered to hold and was told that he was not going to take my call regardless of how long I waited.

    At that point I had had it with Direct TV. I asked Tina where Direct TV's Corporate office was located and she told me "that she did not know the exact address". I then asked her for the city and state and she told me that she "didn't know". I advised her that as a result of the way I had been treated up to that point, that I was now going to cancel my account. I asked her to note in my account record that I had requested to speak with her supervisor and that he would not take the call. She agreed to make it part of my record. She told me that I was going to be transferred to the cancellation department. I was on put on hold for quite a long period of time and then the phone connection was dropped again. I had heard my phone call come into rotation more than once and was constantly being put back on hold. I think Tina was expecting me to hang up after being on hold that long.

    So here I am, a third time calling back.. through the phone prompts...transfers to India....transfers back to the U.S., explaining everything over and over to each new person that I was transferred to. Now the time I have spent on the phone to Direct TV is well over 45 minutes and stretching into an hour...just to resolve a simple billing issue and I have passed frustrated and am now on to fuming.

    I finally spoke with Esmer in Texas. She came on the line asking me the reason for my phone call. Needless to say, I was probably very short with Esmer, because at that point I was sick and tired of having to constantly explain the same issue over and over to different people. She had not taken the time to read my record prior to taking the call-which was a mistake on her part.

    I asked her to spare me having to reiterate the story and to review the notes on my case. The over charges for the HD access were still there-no one had removed them. The last note she found on my record was a brief one by Tina that I wanted to cancel my account because of dissatisfaction and that my call was "accidentally disconnected". Not a word about her supervisor not taking my phone call...but she did try to cover herself for intentionally disconnecting my call and portray it as an accident. I have NO doubt, based on her attitude and how she came across throughout our conversation-that she intentionally disconnected my call.

    Esmer processed the disconnect and advised me 1) that I am responsible to get the receiver back 2). that I have to get up on a ladder and take the satellite down myself, and 3) that despite all the screw ups by Direct TV-that I will be receiving a full bill (my guess is that it will probably not be a correct one).

    I made it clear to her that 1) someone from Direct TV brought the receiver and satellite and BOTH items need to be picked up and removed by Direct TV. I am NOT taking either one of them anywhere. I have had a knee replacement and have NO intention of climbing 10-12 feet up a ladder to remove a satellite...nor I am paying anyone to do it. I also made it very clear that I had NO intention of paying any bills sent to me by Direct TV. That had to be the icing on the cake.

    I work as a consultant out of my home and the time that I have lost today alone, is close to two and a half hours, between phone calls, researching your information on the internet (because your staff refused to tell me where the corporate office was located) and ultimately this E-Mail. Including the initial screw up during the installation-Direct TV has wasted three hours of my time. The money I have wasted dealing with your billing errors would have amounted to at least $150 in billing if I had been working.

    Most businesses would be horrified if their staff had made half of the mistakes that was made today...and would have been doing everything they could to retain the customer and their reputation. I know I would.

    The majority (not all) of the Direct TV staff I encountered today could have cared less about retaining me as a customer. They instead compounded the frustration I was experiencing with retaliatory actions that only made the situation much worse. For a "trained" resolution specialist to be so argumentative and vindictive is amazing. And for the supervisor of a resolution department to tell a customer, that is already very upset, that he will get back to me in a "couple days"...has to be the height of arrogance and incompetence. I am unable to find a reasonable explanation why a supervisor, who is in the business of customer service, thinks that he can treat customers with such a dismissive attitude and that his disregard for customers will be OK with his company. I can only assume that it is with the approval and acceptance of Direct TV, that his avoidance of his duties is acceptable from their management perspective. It probably speaks volumes about why many of the line staff, particularly at this office, has such a disregard for the customer-they see it first hand from those that are in training/supervision positions.

    At my request, my service was immediately disconnected. I am now in the process of speaking with your main competitor to arrange service. I think that many misguided companies spend significant amounts of money on public relations and advertising in an attempt to entice new customers, only to lose them due to extremely poor customer service. This certainly was true in my case with regard to your company. I can assure you that when I made my first call to Direct TV that I was not even slightly frustrated as mistakes happen to all of us and I naively thought I would be able to get it cleared up in a few minutes. But instead I experienced billing that still has not been corrected, two dropped calls, multiple transfers, computer errors for rebates, being lied to about being transferred to a supervisor and lied to about where your company's corporate headquarters are located, having to re-explain why I was calling in no less than a dozen times to different people, and the notes in my case not accurately reflecting staff actions. And that was just one afternoon for a simple accounting error. The quagmire you call customer service has been so poorly designed that if the consumer isn't angry or frustrated at the onset-they certainly will be by the end of their call, or in my case-calls.

    Staff appears to have little or no accountability and "dropping calls" , "transferring the problem elsewhere" or "leaving a customer on hold indefinitely" seems to be commonly used practices and there appears to be no consequences for their actions. If anything-abusing customers works for them and unless a customer takes the time to complain, which probably 95% do, their actions are completely under the radar of upper management.

    One of the chief reasons I am taking my business elsewhere is my firm belief that you intentionally designed the customer service section to be a literal nightmare for the customer. In my frustration of being held hostage to the voice prompts...transfers to India and back, I happened to call the phone number that you have listed for customers that want to order service. Two voice prompts and there was a person immediately available to take my call. When I initially ordered my DIrect TV service-throughout the entire process I spoke with just one person. No multiple being on hold for long periods of time and certainly no hang ups. You are well aware of the impact those actions would have on sales. Yet your company is willing to accept extremely low standards for customer service as you illogically think that most consumers will simply tolerate it rather than change providers.

    You have made the sales division of your company consumer friendly and just as easily could streamline the customer service end to reduce the amount of times a person is transferred and hold staff more accountable for their actions. It is It is one thing to draw the customer can print up flashy ads in all the major newspapers, run low start up specials...but the true measure of a company is their ability to retain the customers of which they are already serving.

    I would appreciate it if you would make arrangements for your installation staff to contact me to make arrangements for them to pick up the receiver and satellite as soon as possible as I am sure the other satellite company will want to install their dish in a similar location.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:07 PM  

  • It all began around June 16th. 2007. I was having a problem with my DirecTV DVR (R 15). It would restart itself in the middle of programs. So I made a call to DirecTV to try and fix this issue. After spending over 3 minutes just to get to an actual REAL person, an on hold for another couple of minutes a rep answered. They instructed me that the system would need to be reformatted which would erase everything I had saved on the system. I told them I did not want to do that unless it was my only option. I said I would call back if the receiver continued to mess up.

    On June 17th. 2007 I made second call to DirecTV this time to get re-boot instruction, due to the fact that the DVR continued to malfunction. We reformatted the hard drive and the rep assured me that the problem would not happen again.

    That turned out to be a lie. I had the same problems. I called for the third time and the rep decided that I needed a replacement receiver and said it would come via Fed-Ex in a couple of days.

    The receiver arrived on the 20th and I made my fourth call to DirecTV. This was for the activation of the new receiver.

    A new issue raised soon after I began to use the new receiver. The remote was very unresponsive, having to be pressed several time to get anything to happen. Also the fast forward and rewind did not work properly. So on June 28 at 10:00 AM I made my Fifth call to DirecTV. The Rep said she had the same problem with her DVR, that it is a software issue that DirecTV is trying to fix, we re booted system and she noted that on my account.

    On June 30th. at 5:15PM I made a sixth call to DirecTV. The Rep told me he would place a request for R15- 500 receiver because it did not have the software glitch that my new receiver did.

    July 3rd at 11:00 a.m. My second replacement receiver came, I called DirecTV for the seventh time. I was put on hold for 10 min. Once the rep came on the line I had a hard time understanding what he was saying. He spoke very broken English. He placed on hold again for two minutes. He could not figure out how to activate my receiver so he placed me on hod again twice for a total of seven minutes. Finally he transferred me to tech support. The Tech support rep had to re do the activation since the previous rep messed it up. This entire call took over thirty minutes.

    On July 4th. I sent the following e mail to DirecTV:

    I'm not sure who will end up reading this, but I just wanted to let it be know of the terrible ordeal I have had to go through over the past couple of weeks.

    First of all I have been a DirecTV customer for over three years. I always pay on time and subscribe to one of the most expensive packages. I also have the DVR service.

    About the middle of June I called DirecTV customer service to report an issue with my DirecTV Plus DVR. The receiver was restarting itself in the middle of programs. The rep said we could re-boot it but it would erase all my recorded programs. I decided to wait on that hoping the receiver would not continue to malfunction.

    One June 18th. I decided to call to get the steps needed to re-boot as the receiver continued to mess up. The rep went through the steps and I lost all my recordings. He assured me that this would fix my problem.

    That turned out not to be true. So I called back the next day. The rep ordered a replacement receiver for me and it was delivered on June 20th.

    I called on the 20th. to have the new receiver activated. The rep took care of that and told me I had to extend my contract. I was not happy with that but it seemed to be my only option so I decided to go ahead and go with it.

    The new receiver was terrible. The remote was unresponsive even after I changed the batteries. It also malfunctioned during rewind and fast forward, as well as skipping parts of the recorded programs.

    I called DirecTV for the 5th. time on June 28th. She told me that she had the same problems with her receiver and it was a software issue. Basically there was nothing we could do to fix it.

    After researching the DirecTV DVR online I found that MANY people had the same problems dating back as far as August of 2006. It obviously should not take anyone a year to fix a software issue.

    On June 30th I made my 6th. call to DirecTV, ready to just forget the whole DVR deal and send the receiver back in. The rep told me he could request that I be sent another replacement receiver of the previous model that did not have the software glitch. I accepted that and on July 3rd I had my second replacement.

    Making my 7th call to customer service to activate my receiver proved to be one of the most frustrating calls I have ever made. After being on hold for over 10 minutes I finally made it to a rep. His spoke such broken English that I could barely understand what he said. I had to repeat to him over and over what I was calling about. He placed me on hold several times and finally gave up and transfered me to technical support. The tech support rep had my receiver up and running in no time.

    As you can tell this has been an enormous inconvenience as well as a total disappointment that a loyal DirecTV customer would have to go through. I have always spoke well of DirecTV to friends and family. I also got my neighbor to switch to DirecTV. At this point I doubt I would ever do that again. I defiantly feel let down and have a bad taste in my mouth as to the lack of service DirecTV provides.

    I appreciate whoever has read this and I just hope it serves as a wake up call to how DirecTV treats its customers.

    July 4th at 6:49 PM I received a phone call from the DirecTV e mail response team. She was very apologetic and wanted to make sure I knew my contract was not extended. It will expire January of 2008.

    My eight call to DirecTV was place on July 9 12:38PM. I had resized that my account page showed that I had four receivers when I only have three. I called and was disconnected - called back at 12:42- disconnected again-called back at 12:52 placed on hold. The Rep finally answered after a long hold time. Rep took receiver off and gave account a credit. When I asked about canceling my service she gave me the same lie about how my contract had been recently extended. After 25 minutes of on hold and the time taken by rep I finally asked for a supervisor. She came on the line after more hold time and explained again what I had been told before that my contract WAS NOT extended and that it ends in January of 2008. I told her I would most likely terminate my account and go back to cable. She made not attempt to try and keep me as a customer other than to say she would hate to see me go.

    My ninth and final call to DirecTV came on July 10th at 3:30 p.m. I called to cancel my service and spoke with Lloyd. He put in for service to terminate on Tuesday, 7/17/07. DirecTV will send a recovery kit via Fed-Ex for my DVR to be returned. The other two standard receivers are ours and do not need to be returned to DirecTV. My final bill will arrive in the mail.

    As you can see I have been through quiet an ordeal with DirecTV. Their lack of care, customer service, and faulty equipment gave me only one choice, switch back to cable.

    By Anonymous Rich, at 1:43 PM  

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