Monday, November 21, 2005

TiVo to Allow Transfering Recordings to iPods

TiVo announced today that it would begin testing a new feature that would allow users to easily transfer recordings from its devices to iPods, PSPs, and other portable video devices. If you've been keeping up with such things, you'll recall that this has already been figured out by the geek sector. Instructions on how to transfer video from TiVo to your iPod.

This, however, is a move to make this more mainstream. And it goes directly in the face of Apple, who is busily trying to convince users that paying $1.99 for an episode of "Lost" is a reasonable thing. Why would I pay $1.99 for the show if I can just record it on my TiVo, and easily throw it onto my iPod with official TiVo software. It's one thing if I have to download hacky programs and jump through geeky hoops to get it done. I imagine Apple is not terribly happy. Not to mention the media industry in general. Seems that the day the 30 second spot becomes obsolete is rapidly approaching.

Keep an eye out for this new feature. It will be interesting to see how others react.


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