Friday, November 18, 2005

TiVo Losing Ground in DVR Market

According to ABC News, TiVo is losing ground among DVR users. Brandimensions, which conducted the study, found that TiVo is failing in two major areas. First, it can't record two show simultaneously. Second, it can't play back in high definition. Indeed, the Series 2 TiVo is several years old now, putting in the class of "elderly" in tech terms. I acquired my first HDTV about two years ago. I'm still a TiVo user, but it is indeed about time I can record better quality video. With hard drives as cheap as they are, there's just no reason it can't be done. I'd even be willing to shell out, say, $199 (after rebate) for an HDTV TiVo upgrade.

TiVo has indicated that both dual-tuner and HDTV recording are in the works, though there are quite a few other DVR's out there that already have such features. TiVo needs to hurry up, or it's going to start losing fans, despite the massive loyalty it's managed to build over the last 5 years or so.

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