Monday, November 14, 2005

Review of new DirecTV r15 DVR

"Earl" has posted an extremely detailed (maybe just a touch too detailed) review of the new DirecTV r15 DVR on the tivocommunity forums. This includes pictures of the unit, both inside and out. He also posts screenshots of pretty much everything the unit will do.

I'll give you some highlights:

Lots of copy protection. Seems right from the startup screen, the output is protected. Earl hooked his camcorder up to the unit to do screen captures, but almost immediately was confronted with a "COPY INHIBIT" message on the camcorder. Thus many of Earl's screens are pictures of his TV screen. No matter, still more info than you could ever want.

No phone calls needed to get the thing up and running (except for the voice call to DirecTV to activate it). It downloads all program info and software updates via satellite. The software update was apparently accomplished by randomly rebooting the device while Earl was playing with it. Poor Earl, the shock nearly killed him.

Seems very similar in functionality to TiVo, but without the "cartoony" feel. Pretty much all the same stuff is there: ff/rw live TV, on screen guide, season passes, conflict management, to do list, prioritization, finding by title/keyword. Some things TiVo users might miss: no button to toggle between tuners, no thumbs up/down ratings, no suggestions.

Read the full review

Thanks for putting this up, Earl.

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