Monday, November 28, 2005

Now Playing on TiVo: Personalized Ads

TiVo announced today that it would be firing up a new service in early 2006. You will now be able to tell TiVo what kinds of products and services you're interested in, and it will record targetted ads for you. TiVo has deals with many major advertising companies in the works already.

Uh, ok. Sounds like we're moving in the right direction, but have sort of missed the point. In the last few years, TV advertisers have become increasingly worried about the DVR threat. If people can easily skip through commercials, the fear is that television advertising will become irrelevant, and companies will have to find alternative ways to promote their products. So, embrace the digital revolution and deliver targeted ads. Sounds good. Google is making billions with targeted ads. But, well, I just can't see myself turning on the TV, and thinking "boy I can't wait to watch those ads I asked TiVo to record for me."

So again, good thought, but no thank you.

From Reuters

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