Friday, November 18, 2005

NBC to Offer Downloadable Shows for DirecTV r15 DVR Users

For users of the new r15 DirecTV DVR, NBC will offer commercial free shows for download, at 99 cents per episode. The downloaded episodes will remain on the DVR for one week before self-destructing. Robert Marsocci of DirecTV says deals with other networks are in the works. Expect similar announcements in the coming weeks.

ABC is currently offering shows via iTunes for $1.99. This, for much lower quality shows for viewing on a teeny iPod screen. Somehow $0.99 seems more reasonable to me. Then again, if you're smart and you record it the first time around, you don't have to pay anything. Removing commercials is cool, but kind of irrelevant since I can fast forward through them anyhow.

Seems like a good idea, though I'm still not sure about charging people for something they can get for free easily anyhow. Seems they need to come up with a better business model for the thing. Maybe combine free downloads of TV shows with targeted CNET ads TiVo users are getting. Maybe offer HD movies for $1.99. Something like that. There must be a way to make this more attractive to users.

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